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When Bob Barthel, conceived the name for his new band “The Bones”, it was originally intended to be an anachronism for a newspaper to be known as THE B.O.N.E.S. (Brotherhood of Nightclub EntertainerS). Well soon his spirit to perform was rekindled thus the band, The Bones, came to life. The first Bones CD, "Down To The Bones" includes twelve tunes written and produced by Bob. Mike gave a helping hand on Medicine Man which is a remake of the original Deep River Band track. The current members are four of NW Indiana's seasoned musicians Bob Barthel, guitar and lead vocals, Marty Edmaiston on guitar and vocals, Mike Burdett on Bass and vocals, and Stanley Childers on drums.
There's a lot of pedigree behind this lineup. Bob, Mike, and Marty started out as a team when the Deep River Band was formed along with Marty's brother Ray Edmaiston which made local history as one of the original members of the Deep River Band (DRB), one of NW Indiana’s most successful Rock & Roll bands of the time. Their album “Rocks” sold about 25,000 units throughout the country in the early 80’s due mostly to their extensive tour schedule, which unfortunately led to a shake up in the band and the reformation of DRB to become known as Shuddup & Drive. Bob left DRB to form 333 in 1982.
Mike and Marty had begun several tours with Shuddup & Drive throughout Florida and parts of Colorado when they linked up with Mark Farner. Grand Funk Railroad who produced a recording project for the band. It produced several tunes such as "Hurt Too Bad" & "Pain Loves Company". Another shakeup in the band sends Mike to Las Vegas where he found himself pursuing music in what he calls "the biggest Holiday Inn gig in the world". Just when he began to think he had made the biggest mistake in his life, he hooked up with Jimmie Van Zant, cousin to the famous family from Jacksonville Florida , and helped
form the present Jimmie Van Zant Band. The JVZ Band is still performing dates throughout the country thanks to Mikes’ help in writing several tunes on their CD.
However, life on the road sent Mike back home to Indiana where he was happy to link back up with his brothers in The Bones. The Bones are "the real thing"! Most of their show consists of original tunes they've written through the years as well as tunes by The Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and John Mellencamp. They’ve performed in front of the likes of Ted Nugent, Joan Jet, The Safaris, Rick Nelson, Survivor, Mark Farner, Black Foot, Styx , The Go Go’s, and many others. They get their inspiration from real life adventures and experiences.

They have a great story to tell!

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